Lubricants are how we earned our name. Our near (90) year history begins with custom made products for the robust textile and manufacturing industries that dominated New England. While times have changed, we still stock many industrial products, ranging from compressor fluids to way oils, and many more. When it comes to your industrial application, product knowledge is key, and we have it!

Off-Road Equipment

Few operations are as demanding on lubricants as off-road equipment. Down time is money, and that means proper maintenance and trusted products are key to minimizing downtime. Industrial Oil distributes only the best products for off-road applications, and services many of these demanding operations, from quarries to landclearing, and more. Our complete line of lubricants, filters, and custom made greases can be trusted to keep your heavy equipment running in the harshest of environments.

On-Highway Fleets

With extended drain intervals, heavier loads, and the constant need to minimize cost, on-highway and mixed fleets require the proper lubricants to keep truckin’. From conventional and full synthetic diesel and gasoline engine oils, to ancillary products like windshield washer and anti-freeze, we can ensure that your fleet has everything it requires to reach peak performance.

Auto Lubricants

Today’s passenger cars, light trucks, and SUVs are high performing machines designed to meet tighter and tighter emission and mileage standards. The result? The need for more and more specialized lubricants ready to tackle the challenge. From conventional motor oils to full synthetics, from quart bottles to metered bulk deliveries, we have the products that today’s demanding automobiles require.