An old 'photo shoot' for Conoco Oil, featuring three generations.
An old 'photo shoot' for Conoco Oil, featuring three generations.

A Family Owned and Operated Business

Industrial Oil & Supply started like many, small family businesses - out of the trunk of our founder. Having served as a Facilities Engineer in one of New England's largest textile mills, Arthur Roberts identified the marketplace's need for quality, specialized lubricants, from a distributor who could be trusted. What started as a small enterprise doing just that, became one of the leading suppliers to the textile and manufacturing industries that once thrived in Rhode Island and throughout New England.

Throughout the years, Industrial Oil has aligned itself with only the highest quality products. We carried the Conoco line for nearly 60 years, were a Kendall distributor for close to 30, and were the first Union 76 distributor in New England. To meet the ever changing needs of the marketplace, we are now an authorized distributor of Pinnacle Oil and Irving brand lubricants. In addition, we package and market our own line of high quality hydraulic fluids and greases.

Beyond lubricants, Industrial Oil has been a trusted Wix Distributor for over 70 years. In fact, we became a Wix distributor in their first year, making us the oldest Wix distributor in the world, at over 72 years!

Our offerings are rounded out with Cyclo chemicals, Power Service Diesel Treat, Alemite equipment, and other ancillary products.

Throughout the subsequent years and generations, three more generations grew up in the business, with Rick (3rd) and Chris (4th) running operations today.